The future of food waste is zero waste.

$218 billion

is lost to landfills in the form of food waste every year.

Let’s get some of that back.

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What is EntoHack7G?

EntoHack7G is a food waste processing operation and consultancy that provides a valuable and much needed alternative to landfills.  We’re developing a 100,000 square foot organic waste processing facility in Jersey City, New Jersey capable of processing 100 tons of waste every day.

How does it work?

We work with restaurants, grocery stores, and other major food waste producers to divert waste from landfills to our processing facility. There, we use black soldier flies to break down waste naturally—their core biological function. As a result, we can process the nutrient rich larvae into new organic products like feed grade protein, fertilizer, and compounds that are used in everything from make-up to bio-diesel fuel.

What’s the impact?

Reducing food waste is one of the greatest opportunities to increase the viability of our current food system on a large scale. Addressing this issue can help us feed an exploding global population, reduce the environmental impact of modern agriculture, and minimize the resources lost in growing, transporting, and selling food.

Our main operations center around changing the dynamic in one of the biggest waste producing regions in the world—New York City. That platform enables us to serve as an example, advocate and advisor on the global stage of food waste prevention and innovation.


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Who’s working with EntoHack7G?

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Questions about waste or black soldier fly operations? Get an answer from the experts! Whether you’re major waste producer or a backyard enthusiast EntoHack7G can help create a zero waste solution for you.